Some Questions to Think About Before Your First Visit With One of Our Oncologists

Dealing with a serious illness can be intimidating and, often, patients forget to ask questions that concern them until after they have left the office. Here is a list of some common questions to help remind you. Not all these questions will apply to you and you will have other questions of your own but the list is a good place to start. We encourage you to learn as much about your condition as you can and to ask about any concerns you have.

1) Exactly what disease do I have? What form of cancer is it?

2) Why do I need chemotherapy? Radiation? Surgery?

3) Why did you choose this specific treatment?

4) How long will the therapy last?

5) How will you evaluate the success of the therapy?

6) What can I do to minimize any side effects from the therapy?

7) What can I do to maintain my general health during the treatment?

8) If I have a problem, what do I do? Who do I call?

9) Why does chemotherapy make me more susceptible to infections?

10) What can I do to avoid infections?

11) Do I really have to take the full treatment? Why?

12) Will I be able to continue to work during treatment?

13) Will the medicines have any effect on my family?

14) Will the treatment have an effect on my sex life?

15) Will my insurance cover the costs of the treatment?

16) Is there a way to get some financial assistance to pay for the treatment?

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Doctors Ratner and Greenberg

Information We Need from New Patients

It is possible that your referring physician will send us some of the information we need, but if not, please bring it with you to your first visit.

Medical History -- You should be able to get copies of your current medical records so that our physicians will know of any other conditions you may have had in the past as well as your current condition.

Current Medications -- We need to know what medications (prescription and over-the-counter) that you are currently taking. Please write down what dosage you take and how often you take it.

Films relating to your diagnosis -- These might be X-rays, Mammograms, Ultrasound pictures, CAT (CT) scans, PET scans, MRI or other imaging studies. You can get copies from the place where the test was performed.

Biopsy information -- If you have had a biopsy relating to your current condition, we will need a report on that biopsy and in future may need to see the actual slides. For the first visit, a report will be enough.

New Patient Forms Click here to download our new patient forms that you can fill out before you come in. Be sure to bring these with you as well.