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A diagnosis of liver cancer requires quick action and a multi-disciplinary approach. Treatment decisions include whether or not the extent of the cancer will permit surgery as the first option. Targeted therapy is assuming a greater role in the management of HCC. Wherever possible, these targeted, non-chemotherapy drugs will be used to treat the liver cancer.

Specialized techniques of Interventional Radiology including selective techniques to kill cancer cells within the liver will be recommended when appropriate, as will appropriate recommendations for surgeons skilled in the management and treatment of liver cancer. Our office will often reach out to specialists at Mount Sinai and Lenox Hill hospitals in New York for specialized treatment of liver cancer. Your oncologist in this practice will be your partner in this process.

Liver cancer has been on the rise in recent years due, in part, to more specific testing which can show the specific causes to help diagnose this disorder. Risk factors for liver cancer or hepatocellular cancer (HCC) include the following observations:

Men are more likely to develop this cancer than women

Prior infections such as hepatitis B or hepatitis C

Cirrhosis caused by excessive alcohol intake is a possible precursor

Hemochromatosis, a disease causing too much iron deposition within the liver

If you would like to read more about liver cancer, we have provided several links at the right to authoritative sources about the disease, its treatments and support. We want you to know that the doctors in this office and our excellent Oncology staff will be available to you at all times, supportive in all aspects of your care and we encourage your questions and input.