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Valuable Hematologic Disease Resources

The National Institutes of Health information for patients about hematologic disorders

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The National Library of Medicine
information for patients about hematologic disorders

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American Society of Hematology information for patients about hematologic disorders

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Hematologic disorders comprise a very wide variety of illnesses and it would not be possible to deal with all of them on a single page. At the right you will find several links to relevant information about specific problems.

Our office is well versed in diagnosing these disorders which include both benign and malignant bone marrow processes. Symptoms of bone marrow disorder may include fatigue, anemia, low platelet count with bleeding in the skin, to name just a few of the many presenting signs and symptoms.

Both of our physicians, Lynn Ratner MD and Paul Greenberg, MD are hematologists as well as oncologists. In addition, our practice is equipped to do an important test, namely the bone marrow examination, after initial testing with blood work indicates the need for this procedure.

If you would like to read more about the range of hematologic diseases we have provided several links at the right to authoritative sources about treatments and support. We want you to know that the doctors in this office and our excellent Oncology staff will be available to you at all times, supportive in all aspects of your care and we encourage your questions and input.