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Our NYC Oncologists Treat a Wide Variety of Cancers

We believe it is important for patients to be knowledgeable about their condition in order to fully participate in the cancer teatment choices and to understand the therapies chosen. To help you we have gathered initial background information and resources about many of the conditions we deal with. You can follow the links below for your areas of interest.

Conditions We Commonly Treat - click the link that is appropriate for you

Proper Nutrition Is Important

Chemotherapy puts a strain on your whole system. Maintaining your intake of calories and nutrients will help you deal with this stress. Here are two links to websites that will provide the information you need to help you eat properly.
National Cancer Institute Supportive Care page

American Cancer Society Nutrition Resources

Dealing With Side Effects

Most patients have to cope with some level of side effects from cancer treatment. Here are ways to help you understand and cope with side effects.

Support Groups Can Be Helpful

At times you may feel that you are the only one dealing with your disease or your treatment. But many other people are going through similar situations and it often helps to talk to others who share your condition. Here are links to a number of cancer supoort resources that might be of help to you.

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Doctors Ratner and Greenberg

Insurance Information

In order to deal with the huge number of insurance plans available, we have had to limit the plans we accept for payment. If you are enrolled in any of these plans. we will be happy to help you with your filings. If you have another plan we will provide the information you need to be reimbursed for the fees you pay directly to us. The plans we accept are:


Financial Help for Chemotherapy

Many pharmaceutical companies offer programs designed to help pay for chemotherapy drugs. We have listed many of the pharmaceutical companies and their contact information.

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