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Where We Also Treat the Human Side of Cancer

Dr. Lynn Ratner with patient

What Our Patients Say About Our Oncologists, Nurses and Staff

Results from a 2010 patient survey

"The doctors are caring, compassionate and always there for me. Dr. Ratner is the best. I refer everyone who has been diagnosed with cancer. I owe him my life. The nurses are professional and courteous."

Oncologist Lynn Ratner MD with patient

About Your First Visit

Information and forms

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To make sure we understand your condition, it is helpful if you bring some background information to your first appointment. Click to see the list of information we will need and also to download our new patient forms that you can print, fill out and bring to your first visit. This will save you some time and make your visit easier.

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Our Chemotherapy Center


Galina with patient

Our modern chemotherapy treatment center provides caring and attentive nurses and technologists with comfortable lounges in a quiet, relaxing environment.

Contact Information

Lynn H Ratner MD
Paul A C Greenberg MD

112 East 83rd Street
New York City, NY 10028
tel: 1-212-396-0400 fax: 1-212-396-9800

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"I have been a patient here for more than 30 years and have always been amazed at the human concerns of the entire staff. The doctors are extremely knowledgeable and they stay current with the newest treatments. It is truly reassuring to be in such good hands."

"I find the physicians to be outstanding and very caring, the nurses to be professional, responsive and very capable. The administrative staff always tries to help and they follow through."

Oncologist Lynn Ratner MD with patient

Female patient with colon cancer for 3 years


Doctors Ratner and Greenberg

Oncologist Dialecti Voudouris MD with patient

"The doctors are compassionate, understanding, knowledgeable and always available and the nurses are very friendly, proficient and always able to help.'

Oncologist. Paul Greenberg MD with patient

Female patient with breast cancer for 14 years

Male patient with lymphoma for 34 years

Male patient with hematological conditions for 24 years